COVID-19 Operational Response
By District Chief Curry Jones
April 30, 2020

What to expect if you call 911:
- You will see our crews wearing face masks on ALL calls, regardless of whether we were dispatched for a COVID-related emergency. You may also see additional protective equipment such as goggles and gowns.
- In many cases, our crews will begin triage of patients by asking questions from a 6 foot distance. It is important that patients and family are honest with providers in answering questions about fevers / coughs / shortness of breath, as this information is imperative to ensuring we treat the patient appropriately while also protecting ourselves and the community by wearing appropriate equipment.
- Patients may also be given a facemask to wear during the patient interaction.
- EMS crews may not allow patient’s family members to ride along to the hospital in the ambulance. If they do, it will only be under very limited circumstances.

How you can stay protected:
- Follow the State and CDC recommendations. Avoid gatherings and stay home unless performing an essential activity. If you have the ability, wear face coverings while in public.
- Whether at home or performing an essential activity, please practice social distancing.
- Please refer to the links for more COVID-19 information.

What we have done to limit exposures:
- Currently GCFR has suspended any ride along activities until further notice.
- Centerville is limiting building access to our volunteer members and GCFR employees only.
- Centerville has suspended meeting room rentals during the COVID-19 health emergency.