2017 Santa Runs are coming!!!
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By Captain Jenna Nelson
November 21, 2017

During this time of holiday celebrations, the members of Centerville Volunteer Fire & Rescue, along with the Goochland County Department of Fire-Rescue, are pleased to announce this Friday December 22nd we are visiting your neighborhood on Santa Runs!!! Our members will be bringing our apparatus through the neighborhoods scheduled below to spread holiday cheer! This time of year is one for celebration and joy, and we hope to bring some of that to you! Be on the look out for us as we come by with lights flashing, and candy canes for everyone who comes to see us!!! Everyone is welcomed out of your homes, to meet your local home town heroes, and just take a moment to say Hi!

We are looking forward to meeting our neighbors as we make our travels. This is a great way for us to give sometime back to you and say thank you for your continued support!

Below is our tentative schedule:
510pm: Pamela Lane
550pm: St Matthew’s La/Little Falls Lane
615: Hickory Haven
700: Centerville Park
730: Parke at Saddlecreek
800: Nelwood
820: The Wheatlands
845: The Fords

We look forward to meeting everyone!!!! Let's all meet on Friday night and have some holiday cheer together!!!