Can we find you when you need us the most?
By District Chief Kevin Jones
May 1, 2017

Have you ever had to call 911 for help for you or family member? As you are on the phone making that life and death call, time seems like it takes forever. Then you are waiting, waiting, and waiting for what must seem like an eternity for help to arrive. Realistically the time frame it takes us to arrive at your location is minimal, but sometimes we have trouble finding your location.

The main reason for this is some addresses are not easy to find due to how they are displayed. Some numbers on mailboxes are worn, missing, or absent all together. Other are visible only from one direction, not both. At times the only address marker is on the mailbox which might not be located near the actual address.

Centerville Volunteer Fire & Rescue would like to help you help us to make sure in your time of need we are able to find you! We are selling reflective address signs for $15. These signs are made from high strength metal plates with ScotchLite reflective numbers. These can be mounted vertically (preferred) or horizontally, and are visible from BOTH sides. These are easily mounted using two screws to mailboxes, fence posts, railings, or houses.

To make it easy for us to find you, we recommend that these signs are mounted on a mailbox or post at the end of your actual driveway. This position makes is easiest for us to determine which driveway is yours to find you.

To order your sign, send an email to, or call our station at 804-400-7856. We will make the sign and deliver it to you for your installation.

Help us help you when minutes matter!!!

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